17 May 2006

the search continues

Had an interview at Syosset High School on Monday. I left feeling pretty good. Unfortunately I had to mention that I teach Macbeth to the 7th grade, which so far, on LI has met with disbelief and a general reaction that leaves an impression with me that they don't think I know what I am doing (opposite of the reaction they are supposed to have).

Macbeth is perfect for the 7th grade - not too complicated, it has blood and guts, lying and trickery, witches, and it's short.

I also had a second interview at the New York Harbor School and it went very well. I am pretty sure that by Memorial Day they will have offered me a job.

Interviews are very different on LI than the city. Both ask what your experiences have been, and what your extra-curricular interests would be. But on LI, they don't seem to put much stock in school leadership-type things, like running the tutoring program, like running the student teacher placement system, like teaching outside your license area, what curriculums you have written or co-written, what kinds of collaborations (inside or outside the school) you have created, or even inter-disciplinary connections you have exploited.

In the city they ask and emphasize all of that stuff LI leaves out. And I'm wondering if it's the difference between looking for leaders or followers, or maybe, additions to a team, or additions to a, uh, army, I guess. (Army in that the soldiers have no say over the direction or speed they march.)

Either school would be great opportunities. I could start a sailing program in Syosset, and it sure would be nice to work in a school and an area that has a lot of resources (yesterday their budget passed). NYHS would be closer to my personal interests, sailing and boats and whatnot, but the needs of the school and its programs may leave me with less time for my own personal sailing and boat rebuilding.

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