01 May 2006


Right at the beginning of kindergarten I had to move schools because my parents were going to split up. It was still in September, in the beginning of the school-year, and I distinctly remembering my uneasiness about being behind the other kids - that they would already have known each other and that I would be the new kid. So, I go to class and when it comes time for snack I had nothing. My old school had given us a cart of milk and stuff (some lucky kids got to go pick it up, telling the lady how many milks we needed), but for some reason, I don't think the new school gave out snack. Or maybe they did for the kids who qualified for free lunch, (which I would once we filled out the forms). The point is, I was sitting there with no snack and the teacher asked the kids to share some of their treats with me. I wound up having a bigger pile of cake and candy than everyone else, and made lots of friends in the process.

Last week my Jeep was broken into and some tools were stolen, including my Jeep toolbox, my boat toolbox, some boat parts and some power tools. Since then I have gotten: a $100 from a donor who shall remain nameless, a main sail that fits an old Luders 24(?) and a great sailbag; a bag full of blocks, and shackles, and bits of gear; a solar panel; and the most excellent thing of all, an old 8" table saw that belonged to the sailing gear donor's father - it was built by the Atlas Manufacturing Company, of Kalamazoo, Michigan. You can learn more about the saw here. Pretty sweet, kind, beautiful donations, and I am feeling very fortunate.

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