21 August 2008

Not quite as spectacular as Cosme's adventure, Alli and I went for a bike in the preserve next to the apartment.

Here's a snap of a pond that has a lot of action going on in it. At least one loon lives there, usually sitting in his high castle of weeds and sticks. And there's about a dozen ducks and swans always lurking about. I haven't seen any turtles, but I'm sure there are some. It must be fished out by now, by the birds/people combo, but something must be living there if the birds stick around.

And this is the very same pond that we saw turtles in during our January bike ride. I have no idea what They are doing, but it looks like meddling to me. They have two giant diggers driving around the perimeter of the pond scooping out mud and junk and dumping it into piles on shore. And there's no signage to indicate what is happening. If They were just cleaning up the garbage we saw in January, that would be great, but it looks like They are defining the borders of the pond, making a bluff/shore on the side by the houses. And They have these huge drainage hoses set up, but not being used. I'm pretty sure the terrapins are pissed.

17 August 2008

Cosme & his mother's most unprecedented adventure!

Here is a former student of ours who is riding his bike from NYC to Maine! With his mom! How cool are they?

Cosme & his mother's most unprecedented adventure

And the coolness continues: Cosme built his bike!

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