17 September 2007

19. Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams

Amazing. Guy's a genius, I swear.

18. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

A great book, short, but my least favorite Steinbeck.

13 September 2007

Steinhardt, the final update

In case you have been following the continuing saga of me working to get admitted into the English Education program at NYU's Steinhardt School of Education (part one and part two) and perhaps wondering "what ever happened with that?", I offer you one more installment. The last, one hopes.

Professor P,

You will recall that I met with you and Professor S on 27 August for academic advising. You told me to submit an ENGP Application to the School of Education. The following morning I brought a complete application over to the admissions director, Mr. M. This application included the application fee, my philosophy of education, a copy of my certificate/license, a copy of my honorable discharge from the Navy, a letter from LW thanking me and my former school for hosting so many Steinhardt students and offering us a stipend, and transcripts from College of St Rose and NYU undergraduate/Gallatin.

Mr. M advised me to not register for classes as a non-matriculated student because "once my application went through, things would get messed up."

After one week I called the registrar's office to find out the status of my application and to get the classroom locations for my courses (Dr B's Teaching Reading and Dr S's Multicultural Ed).

After missing the deadline to register as a matriculated student, I planned to register late.

I went to the SoE admissions office yesterday (10 Sept) to determine the status of the application, and at the least, begin the process for non-matriculated enrollment (figuring that at this point I had to register as quickly as possible).

I was told that VB would not process my application because I had not submited transcripts from community college. Mind you, the community college transcript has been reviewed and processed/included/noted on my undergrad transcript.

So I said fine, let me register as a non-matriculated student until I obtained the CC transcript. Ms. VB said that she would not let me register as a non-matric unless I submitted a letter withdrawing my application for matriculated enrollment.

Considering I had six Steinhardt student teachers, countless observers (literally!), and coordinated the student-teaching program at my former school (including social studies, science, and english STs) I can't see what bearing my community college grades have on my graduate school application. In fact, I took on one of the student teachers, David S, mid-semester as a favor to Mr S and his advisor (Professor S) because his first CT was so unpleasant.

If in fact the community college transcript is that important, I will provide it as soon as possible (Thursday). I did not include it because it was already processed in my undergrad record (and doesn't NYU have an official copy on file?).

I'm not sure what is going on, or what my next step should be. I went to class last night with Professor S and she advised me to contact you this morning. Can you provide any advice or help?

If you need amplifying information please contact me at 718.***.****. I am also providing a list of people you can contact at the School of Ed and my former school if you need to.

Thank you, Professor P, very much for your time and attention. I appreciate whatever effort you make on my behalf and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


The next day Professor P sent this email to the admissions director and a few other professors:

[This] email narrates a horrendous tale of woe regarding a student who we want in the English Ed MA program and who by all accounts is eligible and has completed the paperwork. I realize that some deadline for fall applications may be been violated, but I don't think NYU wants to hit the national news as giving a hard time to a Navy Vet who further wants to serve his country by being a teacher. So will someone clean this up as soon as possible (Unless I am missing something and he is on some home security list--just joking.)

Later that day, the admissions director sent this email to all of us:

From your message it appears you will be able to complete the admissions process tomorrow by providing the requested transcript from Community College. A student copy at this point will be acceptable. If you are not able to hand deliver to Graduate Admissions you may fax it to my attention at 212.***.****.

I look forward to being able to finalize this process.

I had the transcript faxed today and was, FINALLY, admitted as a graduate student in the English Ed program at NYU's School of Ed.

At the advisement I learned that licensed teachers have a separate track that leads to their degree, the Professionals' degree. I have four classes to go, so two this semester and two next and then I am done with my Ed degree. I'm already plotting and planning to start my English Lit at CW Post. Hopefully their admissions department isn't staffed with jackasses.