08 May 2006

field trip

Anyone down for going to see the Volvo Ocean Racers finish the race in New York Harbor? As I write this they have 15 hours and about 50 minutes to go until they finish. That puts them finishing at 6am. I am going to meet with Larry in the morning at/near North Cove where the boats will be docking.

So if any of the racers finishes before that we can see them dock, and if not, we'll hopefully see them finish. Or perhaps we'll go down to Battery Park. I think I read an article that said they are going to be finishing in the wind shadow of Manhattan, so that means a little more uptown than Battery Park. I think.

I'll guess I'll keep my eye on the Volvo website for details. I managed to get 1st period off (though that could change) so I can stick around until 8ish.

Look for me. I'll be the guy on/with the red bicycle.

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