21 June 2006

Steinhardt update

I'm baffled and frustrated.

After receiving a letter from the Admissions Director explaining that the Steinhardt admissions process is rigorous, and that my credentials don't warrant my admission, and that because of the number of appplicants there is no way for them to explain on a case by case basis why an applicant was rejected I appealed to the Dean one more time. I asked for a meeting so we could discuss the logic of the admissions department's decision. I see it as a failure on their part of some kind that I am allowed to TEACH STEINHARDT'S STUDENTS but CAN'T BE ONE.

She promptly replied, "Dear Mr F, I have reviewed your application and see no reason to change it. I do not think it would serve a purpose for us to meet. I wish you the best in all your pursuits.

Mary M. B, Ph.D.
New York University
Steinhardt School of Education

So now I am wondering what to do next.

I have 18 credits or so from College of St Rose, which is upstate. They offer discounted correspondence classes to UFT members. Very soon I will no longer be a UFT member (thankfully).

And I have three credits from Brooklyn College.

I have nine credits from NYU completed and have another nine credits coming because of the last three student teachers (Cooperating teachers earn three credits as compensation for hosting).

Because of the 18 credits I will have completed at NYU I want to get an NYU English Ed Masters - transfer all my credits in to NYU and finish the degree requirements there. NYU has a great reputation. And I'm so nearly done anyway. (In fact, by the time I am accepted I may be able to petition for graduation right away. Weird.)

Possible options I have considered:

Writing to the President of the University

Writing to the NYU school newspaper

Shutting up and writing an overwhelming application next time (letters of recommendation from all six of my former student teachers (seven if you count the one from Hofstra), my principals, assistant principals, the guys I worked with at NYU coordinating the student teaching, Gallatin and School of Ed professors I have taken class with, C-SPAN, Ralph Nader, parents of my students, etc.

Saying fuggit and skipping over the Eng Ed Masters and getting a PhD in something.


Crumbolst said...
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Crumbolst said...

Well, I am surprised but it sounds like NYU admissions making a huge mistake. Is there anyone there that has it in for you?

Reply to Mustapha: You said: "When I was a student and instructor at Hunter, I met a number of NYU students who were taking extra credits to transfer back to NYU, and they were all completely lame. And you and Mike were smart and uber-competent long before you got to NYU. In fact, I'd say it's the students like you and Mike who do more for that school than it will ever do for you."

After learning of the dean's reply I agree with you that NYU admissions sucks. But the above comments about NYU students is way off in my experience. I have met hundreds of brillaint students at NYU, both in the grad school of arts ad sciences and the school of ed. Generally speaking, the professors at NYU's School of Ed are pretty amazing as well. They have acore of radical progressive theorists who are do a great deal to change the way we approach teaching a learning. There are only a few other schools of ed in the nation that share the forefront with them.

So while I am not sure NYU is worth the very high cost of tuition (it's absurdly expensive), there is no doubt that it is worthy of its good reputation. Mind you, no one thinks it's the best school around.

Anonymous said...

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