01 June 2006

7. Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

A sad little tale.

I had never read it before and only did so because I had to a demo lesson on yesterday.

(The lesson went well enough that I was immediately shuttled in to talk to the Asst Supt of Personnel for the High School. And my AP just told me they called to check references already.)

I expected the play to be about a failure of the American Dream, but what I got was a lesson on the consequences of seeking yourself outside of yourself. And I was stunned to read that Willy had an affair, because this never makes it into the reviews or write-ups about the play and it seems to be a pretty important detail to leave out considering how the discovery of the act pretty much sets up the main conflcit in the story.

I recommend you read it if nothing else to fill in the blank of the American canon.

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