19 June 2006

new boat + new job = new apt

I got a new apartment!

It's a 1BR in West Babylon, which is a hair closer to where the boat will be than where the job will be, but it's all so close it doesn't really matter. The whole trip from school to the boat is 12 miles, so we aren't talking about a big difference.

Right by the apartment I have two giant LI-sized supermarkets, an IHOP, and a 7-11. Behind the back yard (yes!) is a parking lot for what has to be one of the last independent music stores in the Northeast. Across the street is a 7-11 (handy for beer runs).

The bedroom is the same size as the living room, about 20x20. The living room is slightly bigger because it also shares the kitchen. Overall the place is excellent for what I need - enough space and a god price. I'll include some pictures here, but the dude who is living there now doesn't have much of his stuff packed up.


Aunt Carol said...

I'm so confused, where do the Morgan Maniacs read and respond? And if you can do all this other stuff, why can't you invite all the other maniacs to OUR blog so we can all get syked for the reunion which is now less than 1 year away? HELP???

Aunt Carol said...

By the way, congratulations on all the new stuff - we are hoping you will be right in the middle of setting up the reunion activities. Right?