19 October 2006

Welcome Julia Claire

Lucas and Selena had their baby! Julia Claire was born this morning around 9.30. Seven pounds and four ounces, and about 19 inches. Tall and thin and cute as can be. She is a giant compared to her big brother on his birthday.

I visited her this evening and then went to see Jacob. He's a holy terror, running around, throwing anything he can get his hands on, and generally getting into stuff no matter how secure it looks. He's just big enough to start wrestling and rough-housing with. Fun.


Mustapha Mond said...


dsgran said...

wow! congratulations double-uncle!
Please pass my wellwishes to mother, father, and brother!

Olman Feelyus said...

Man your brother is working hard for the human species!

Shoe-shine boy said...

from what I understand the labor is its own reward. At least initially.