12 July 2006

DC, baby. Lovin' it.

After less than a week in DC I am absolutely loving the city.

I am here working with CSPAN, working in/with their education department. The other Fellows and I are creating the clip of the week for the CSPAN Classroom website, and we are working on some other web projects, combining the video of the Congress and the education programs. So far so good.

There are many differences between living in NYC and living in DC, and I may get to listing them later when I have more experience here in DC. But one cool thing, so far, is that there are many star sightings for a political junkie like me. For example, on the first day of work, at Monday's lunch I crossed paths with the Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa and his retinue (and Secret Service folks). He was coming in to talk on either CSPAN or MSNBC (we are in the same building). Later that day, as my fellow Fellow and I were leaving work, she yelled across the lobby, "Hello Charles." Turns out she knows conservative writer Charles Krauthammer.

Yesterday at happy hour, Howard Dean walked by. This morning, I met Ben Cohen from Ben and Jerry's. Right after that I met Brian Lamb, the CEO and brain behind CSPAN – he started CSPAN, and controls its direction.

The work day is long enough to prevent much museum-hopping, but I am going to hit some up this weekend, starting with the Smithsonian.

I also brought my bike and will be having some bike rides this weekend.


dsgran said...

That's great! How exciting. You should carry around some rotten eggs in case you run into some unrepentant neocons.

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