01 May 2008

16. Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

Crumbolst's review here. Along with Sandy's grade. And the review from Print is Dead. And, of course, Mt Benson Report has trod this path as well.

Sandy, I'd give it a B.

dsgran, I feel like I agree with you when you write, "but as a graphic novel, it doesn't have a life of its own" even though I'm not certain I know what you mean (in that as I have read just one graphic novel (this one) I don't feel qualified to comment on this one's qualifications/merits with regard to the genre).

And, Crumbolst, I think you have it right when you say, "Even the most terrible moments are conveyed with an unflinching matter-of-fact tone that seems to simply pass any appropriate angst on to the reader."


Buzby said...

I came away kind of empty after reading the book and then watching the movie. I agree that neither the book nor the movie do a great job conveying some of the more horrible situations. I was annoyed when movie goers treated it as more of a comedy than a serious work.

Crumbolst said...

Comedy? Wow.

I do think it was shy on depicting some of the horrible situations but I think that's because it's a coming-of-age book first, which happens in that context.