31 January 2008

5. The Pool of Fire by John Christopher

The stunning conclusion to the Tripods trilogy, and a satisfying end at that.

Everyone is back, Will, Beanpole, and Henry. And again, I hesitate to mention any element of the plot because it will spoil this book and the second.

This final installment tells the tale of the continuing free-human resistance to the Tripods. And it also begins to outline possible conflicts of a post-occupation world. Ah, the possibilities of a blank slate. Ah, the perils of the lack of tradition and the excesses bound to be a result of a long oppression.

But, really, The Pool of Fire is about the fight between a society with high technology and a scattered, moderately organized society of low technology. And the first 46 pages or so details how this moderate organization works. It's almost Qaeda-like in its simplicity.

There were more than a few pleasant surprises along the way. I recommend all three books.

Sending them out to Mt Benson tomorrow!


Lantzvillager said...

Righteous! I am very excited.

Olman Feelyus said...

Excellent! Me too. I'm reading an adult John Christopher right now and he's got me fired up for more. I'll be next on the list if possible for the White Mountain trilogy.

Jarrett said...

I agree to send you WM if Lantzvillager agrees to send the other two along after he's through.