03 January 2007

2005 v 2006: fight!

I read 23 books in 2005, among them Olman's and Mustapha's.
I read 18 books in 2006, among them Paul N's (the art teacher at my old school).

My goal for 2007 is 25 books.


Anonymous said...

ahhhh, but how many papers?....

silverappleofthemoon said...

lemme see...110 kids, and with regents practice alone we did 4 essays, each essay about 2 pages...i'm not good at math that comes out to be 800 something, almost 900 I think. Plus the AP kids exams and essays. And homework. And now I have to write daily lesson plans for all my classes.

Maybe I should try for 12 books!

Mustapha Mond said...

I'd hardly call my hunk o' crap a book. You should adjust your 2005 tally!

Tracy said...

well I have been grading lots and making lots of lesson plans and going on the Internet all weekend AND STILL READING!!!!
here's my list since 2003.
How are you guys- (jarrett and conan)??