26 April 2006

Harbor School (cont)

My model lesson is scheduled for 10 May @ 2.40. Here is my assignment:

Rationale:  Model lessons give the hiring committee an objective assessment of the candidate’s teaching skill.  Obviously, 15 minutes is an artificially short period of time for a lesson; choose something small.  The committee is looking for rapport with students, lesson planning and assessment, general style and classroom management skills. 

Time:  15 minutes.  Candidates will be cut off if they go over time.

Content: Should be appropriate to subject area and New York State high school standards.  Bonus if connected to New York Harbor School theme. 

Teaching aids and technology:  Let us know if you have any special needs, however, materials used should be realistically available to teachers, and not over-the-top.

Audience:  About 15 NYHS students plus hiring committee.

Finally, we understand that this is a daunting task.  If you make a mistake, don't worry, just keep going!  No one expects perfection.  We thank you for your time and interest in our school.

Candidates who score high on the model lesson rubric will be asked to interview.  The final step in the hiring process is a reference check.  We hope to begin making offers in a few weeks and to have our hiring process wrapped up by the beginning of June.

Assistant Principal
New York Harbor School

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