26 October 2005

18. You are Going to Prison by Jim Hogshire

Well, if I wasn't scared enough about going to jail, I am now.

Nothing about the experience sounds good. Or survivable. Hogshire goes through each step of the process, from seeing the rollers/flashing lights behind you all the way up to the electric chair. He even tells a beautiful little story about a Quaker who skips out on $10 bail and winds up in a Detention Center "covered wagon," a pair of bunk beds with a blanket thrown over top. Seems the war protestor spent hours getting gang raped and beaten up. Speaking of rape, if you go to jail, there doesn't seem to be much chance of not getting the shaft, so to speak. No anal rape metaphors in prison, it's all ass-banging reality. And there isn't much comfort in coming to the end of your sentence - it seems that is an even better time to get fu.cked in the keester because the bad guys know you don't want to get in trouble (by getting into a fight) just before you are about to get out because doing so might extend your sentence. And there are lots of ways to get your sentence extended. Jail is bad. Don't fu.ck up.

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