11 September 2011


We completely survived Hurricane Irene. We were sweating it out pretty good at Allison's parents house, getting text updates from neighbors, and then from the TV news once they showed up on our corner/block. That was a little stressful: "hey! you're house is on TV showing the flooding in your town." But after everything was over, we fared very well. The water came close to the house but never came inside. This is the street in front of the house; that's our white fence.


And this is our driveway. You can see how high the water got, there at the rubble line on the front lawn.

We didn't lose our magnolia tree, either!

Here's a link to our friends' house - two videos showing the storm's fury, one inside and one outside the house: Miss Gracie's page.


OlmanFeelyus said...

Whoah! That's getting pretty close! Did you do anything to protect the house before you left? Is there anything you can do?

Redwing said...

We boarded up the house and moved the furniture away from the windows. A few of our near neighbors boarded their houses, too. But a little to the west of us, friends of ours had water shin-deep on the first floor, so we would have been in trouble.

We had a Nor'Easter two Marches ago and I figured this was going to be a little worse than that. We lost some roof shingles and branches. I really expected the magnolia tree to come down.

So, if the water had come into the house, we would have lost a lot of stuff. I left book shelves were they were. Dumb. If the shelves weren't destroyed the books definitely would have. And if I keep a book in the house, it's precious to me, because I have read it and some mythical day want to revisit it, or because I haven't read it yet. That would have been a loss.

I put the external hard drives with all my Dead shows and bootlegs in the washing machine. I figured it was a steel, waterproof box.

If you check in on Meezly's facebook you'll see more storm photos. I posted here after being inspired by you and Crumbolst. I think he had it the worst.

I'm also editing the post to include a link to my friends' video of their house and yard. They live on a canal, and it looked like the wind was just pushing water right across the bay and into their backyard.