04 January 2009

2008: A look backward

Well, I just managed to exceed the 2007 total, but still didn't make 30, the goal I had in mind last January.

Looking back I see that of the 28 books, only six of them were of my own choice, and two were because I was teaching them (I don't count the other books I teach that I have read a million times, like Mockingbird, or Othello.).

I'm satisfied with what I read, but most of it was assigned and that's no way to live. I do like the mandate a class provides - a set list that must be read and deadlines - but I much prefer to live by interest-based choice.

Looking forward I am excited by what 2009 promises. I've started the Patrick O'Brian series (20 books plus another unfinished), a class on Herman Melville in the Autumn, and a group project among the book bloggers I know.

(We're reading Lolita by V Nabokov by 1 February. Then I'm posting my review here. Each participating blogger posts a review both on their own blog AND in the comment section of this blog. Then we'll have a conversation in the comment section. Please join us! Read this classic by 1 Feb and then post your review on your blog and here in the comments, on Sunday 1 Feb.)


Olman Feelyus said...

Still, great job! Way to catch up on your past books. A lot of classics under your belt, so though you didn't reach your quantity goal, you've still read a bunch of important books. Well done.

Redwing said...

Thanks and thanks for the comments.

Was this a better reflection than last year's?

Buzby said...

Nicely done. I am reading an O'Brien right now and I am finding it pretty tough to slog through. I think it's because I don't know all the sailing terms and I constantly have to stop to look things up.

Redwing said...


This might help ye, ye scabrous lubber!

Crumbolst said...

28 pretty serious books... and you are American. You should be proud.

beemused said...

nevertheless you still read more than I (27).

I just started on O'Brian's Master and Commander too. I don't care about the terminology so much, but its good to know that reference site exists!

beemused said...

oh yeah I read Lolita years ago, and don't know if I'll have time to re-read it by the deadline. can I still comment from what little I remember?

Redwing said...


please do!