27 March 2007

songs unable to be made Loud Enough

You know those songs you just can't get loud enough, no matter headphones, car or house speakers, it just doesn't get real enough, and maybe even in concert, when even on the floor it's just not cutting it because you can't get the music to actually break your skin and get all through you and it almost makes you forget you're a body?

These are mine; feel free to play along (no judging, beauty is in the eye of the eye of the beholder):

Dimuendo and Crescendo in Blue - Duke Ellington (live)
Eyes Of The World - Grateful Dead (live)
China Doll - Grateful Dead (live)
Sugar Magnolia - Grateful Dead (live)
Big Fat Hen - W Marsalis (studio)
Don't Follow - Alice in Chains (studio)

[edit 28 March]
Tupelo Honey - Van Morrison (I have a live version by Galactic that Kills)
Apparently Bob Dylan himself said that "the song Tupelo Honey always existed, it was Van Morrison who brought it to earth."

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